Organic Rabbit Food by Oxbow, Pellets

Healthy food for rabbits includes more than just carrots and lettuce! Made by Oxbow Animal Health, these pellets deliver a complete nutritional profile in a convenient three pound bag. Made from high-fiber, all-natural hay, this organic rabbit food contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin and coat health, high doses of antioxidants to promote longevity, and nothing but prime organic ingredients.

The very name, BeneTerra, means “good earth”, and the company seeks to recreate in its food the kind of diet that a rabbit would naturally encounter in its native environment. The feed contains no soy, but a rich-smelling blend of herbs designed to entice your pet to eat well. Essential vitamins and minerals further fortify the robust nutritional profile.

Adult rabbits will get the most out of the product, especially picky eaters and pets prone to digestive problems.

The resealable bag preserves the freshness of the pellets over weeks of feedings.

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