Organic Quinoa Crispbread

There’s nothing better than a crunchy cracker when you’re craving for a tasty snack. And it’s even better when it’s a health-friendly snack, made with one of the best whole grains out there.

Produced by Le Pain des fleurs, this organic quinoa crispbread is not only free of cholesterol, but it’s also low in sodium, and barely has any fat in it. Moreover, every real ingredient in the product is certified organic, meaning there’s no trace of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, herbicides, artificial colors and flavors, or any other additives.

The quinoa crispbreads are perfect for both adults and children, and can be a great snack for family and friend gatherings.


Organic Ingredients

Brown Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour (40%), Whole Cane Sugar (<2% DV), Sea Salt

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