Organic Protein Shake

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply a sport lover, you know how key protein intake is for your constitution, you know that this is a fundamental nutrient, required for lean muscle buildup, fat-burning, body recovery, performance improvement, and a dozen other things, among which is the formation and repair of nail, skin, and hair cells.

So it’s logical to say that the protein-rich food and supplements we take, should be as clean and safe as possible, after all, we’re taking them with a health-orientated purpose in mind, right? But such edibles, supplements, and drinkables are primarily made with a lot of artificial sweeteners, added sugar, artificial aromas, and other chemical agents.

That’s why when you want to swig a quick, delicious and healthful protein beverage, try the organic protein shake by CalNaturale Svelte. This variety pack comprises of 5 different flavors – Cappuccino, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Banana Crème, and Spiced Chai.

All the varieties are dairy-free, which means the healthy, organic protein shake can serve as a vegan meal replacement for people living on a vegan diet, and of course it can have the same functionality for everybody else.

Besides with 11g of protein each serving, the shake’s nutritional value if fortified by a specific group of vitamins and minerals.

The delicious nutrient-dense liquid comes in a convenient Tetra Pak carton container that is easy to carry along in a bag, so whenever you need a quick, organic protein fix before/after workouts, or in between meals, you’ll always have that covered.

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