Organic Protein Bar With Cricket Powder by Crickstart

The first time we got introduced to the organic protein bar with cricket powder, we took a second and closer look to make sure we haven’t read wrong. However, there was no mistake and this Crickstart product immediately spiked our curiosity. If you are an open-minded individual who values quality nutrition, you shouldn’t miss the chance to grab one of these.

A single bar contains 12g of protein coming from organic hemp and cricket powder – the food of the future according to many. Just like other species of insects and bugs, crickets are very nutritional and can supply you with bio-available protein, as well as minerals and other nutrients.

The taste of the cricket powder protein bar is actually fantastic, contrary to what you might imagine. To tell you the truth, you won’t even know it’s made with cricket powder. The delectable flavor is owed to ingredients such as dates, brown rice syrup, coconut sugar, lemon oil, lime oil and vanilla.

Organic Ingredients

Pumpkin Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter, Dates, Hemp, Cricket Powder, Buckwheat, Flax, Coconut Sugar, Brown Rice Syrup, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Lime Oil, Lemon Oil

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