Organic Probiotic Superfood Booster by Organic Traditions

Need some gut aid that comes in a magnificent taste? You got it! The organic probiotic superfoods booster is another one of Organic Traditions fantastic health-stimulating products that delivers the nutriments of specific superfoods, blended into a single natural and organic food supplement. The organic probiotic is made from ground flax, chia, and hemp, all of which are high in dietary fiber needed for the tummy’s good digestion, higher satiety rate, and weight-regulation. Furthermore, this mixture is delicately flavored with cacao, coconut, monk fruit, cinnamon, and acacia to let you enjoy it no less than a delicious candy bar, so you won’t even know you’re taking a probiotic supplement. Thanks to the strong presence of flax, hemp, and chia, this product is also an excellent source of omega-3’s.

Perfect to add to your favorite smoothies, yoghurt, oatmeal, cereal, or to the staple flour you use when baking cookies or sweet bread.

If you want to combine this natural probiotic supplement with a prebiotic one, click here.

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