Organic Prairie Spicy Hickory Organic Beef Jerky

The Organic Prairie brand is known for its natural and organic beef products. Its organic beef jerky is a standard example of the care and effort that this company puts into its produce, starting at the farm, all the way to your table. Family farms raise every cow without antibiotics, genetically modified feed, or hormones, and both the taste and the nutritional value of Spicy Hickory Beef Jerky show that extra care really does make a difference. This premium dried meat isn’t just good for the consumer, either, as the company makes sure that all of the calves that it uses in its jerky are treated humanely from conception to production. Cured meat was originally invented to be travel-friendly, meaning that this delicious treat is portable to work, school, or for on the road trips. The organic lean meat is a natural source of protein, while being lower in cholesterol and calories compared to mass produced jerky that you can find in your local food store, plus it makes a great snack any time you need.

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