Organic Prairie Low Fat Organic Beef Jerky

Are you looking to increase your protein intake? Or maybe you just like the taste of a good old beef jerky? Either way, Organic Prairie has the healthy organic snack that will give you the protein you require with less fat. Their organic beef jerky is naturally high in protein, which makes it the perfect addition to a diversity of diets that include meat. The low-fat dried meat has a classic chewy texture with that distinct smoky flavor that beef jerky lovers can’t get enough of. It is made from cows that are free from harmful additives like synthetic hormones and antibiotics, so you know that you’re getting only the purest and cleanest source of meat. In order to get that distinguishing taste, each slice has been infused with organic sucanat, celery juice, cane sugar and a fusion of different herbs and spices. Take a pack with you when you’re out camping. Have it handy on a road trip. Or just keep in your pantry whenever you’re looking to have a healthy but savory snack!

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