Organic Potato Sea Salted Chips by Kettle Brand

If we asked you to name your top favorite snacks of all time, we bet potato chips will be in (and even heading) the list of many of you. But as delicious as it is, the question always stands: “how bad for my health is this”?

Today, most people are aware of the fact that mass-produced chips varieties contain a lot of trans-fat, bad cholesterol, empty calories and carbohydrates, plus not to mention the problem with the GMO potatoes.

So how can you extract the best from the both worlds of “delicious” and “health-friendly”? Well, with products like this organic potato sea salted chips, of course! Now you can enjoy classic-flavored chips thanks to the Kettle Brand that has made sure you can take delight in some super-tasty crispy treat, without having to worry about all the anti-nutrients we mentioned above.

This health-preserving chips is thicker than most other chips, so it won’t crumble that easily as you’re nibbling on it. Unlike some extra salty conventionally produced snacks, with this one you actually can feel the natural potato flavor coming through, instead of the salt.


Organic Ingredients

Potatoes, Sea Salt, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Oil and/or Safflower Oil)

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