Organic Original Protein Bar

Another gem from Organic Food Bar. Belonging to the organic original bar line, this edible bliss is produced with balance in mind, because it supplies you with healthy energy, yet still fuels the body with extra 14g of protein.

The powerful superfood blend in this nutrient powerhouse is particularly handy when you need to meet the demands of your active lifestyle and boost your workout performance.

What’s even more, this product right here can be categorized as an organic vegan protein bar, because it doesn’t contain any animal-based ingredient. Suitable for everybody who loves healthy eating and specifically appropriate for those who eat only plant-based food, this bar is bound to be liked regardless of your diet.

With almond butter and bio sprouts like quinoa, sesame, and flax you can enjoy the nutty side of the taste to the fullest. The sweet side is owed to the slight presence of honey, dates and raisins. On the other hand, the fine texture of the bar is also a result of the pea and pumpkin protein that help repair your tissue.

Although its protein content is not the highest possible, among all the other food bars we’ve ever tried, this is one of those that have what it takes to be in our top protein bars list. If you demand on organic certification and you’re used to high quality when it comes to nutrition, you should most definitely give these a shot.

Organic Ingredients

Protein Blend (Pumpkin Protein, Pea Protein), Almond Butter, Bio Sprouts – Flax, Raisins, Sesame Seeds, Quinoa, Honey, Dates

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