Organic Onion Mix by Stargazer Perennials

Brought to you by Stargazer Perennials, this organic onion mix is grown the way Nature wanted – without GMO, using strictly organic agriculture practices! The organic onion bulb set includes Yellow Stuttgarter, Red Baron and White Ebenezer onion sorts and every bulb is healthy, juicy, with distinct flavor and absent of any genetically modified organisms or pesticides.

These GMO free onion bulbs are a favorite of many gardeners and can easily be grown in a garden, patio container or home planter to provide yourself and your family with fresh organic produce. These starting bulbs are basically a more rapid way to grow your own produce rather than using seeds and thrive beautifully when you plant them in early spring.

Let’s not forget that this fresh organic onion is perfect for your cooking purposes too. Whatever the savory dish is, if the recipe calls for fresh onion, you know you’ll have some of the best, stored right in your pantry.

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