Organic Nectars Raw Dark Mexican Agave Syrup

Organic Nectars are a health-conscious company making high grade pure products such as agave syrups, agave desserts, goji berries, raw cacao treats, as well as cashew and coconut-featuring products. We would like to emphasize on this raw organic dark Mexican agave syrup, because more and more people are starting to look for top notch healthy sweeteners to use for their cooking, rather than white sugar, or fructose corn syrups that don’t do any good to our well-being. This wholesome sugar substitute is made from Mexican Agave salmiana plant and has deep robust delightful flavor, as it is 25% sweeter than sugar, yet 1/3 as glycemic as it, plus it also contains less calories (only 20 calories per teaspoon). The Mexican agave syrup is suitable for sweetening tea, coffee and other drinks, as well as for cooking and for healthy pancake topping. So if you’re the type of person who wants to be satisfied with nothing less than the best when it comes to food, this delicious, gluten-free, unrefined liquid sweetener is perfect for you!

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