Organic Mushroom Energy Drink Blend by OM

Treat yourself with an energy beverage that doesn’t contain white sugar, nor high caffeine dosages. Fuel your body with a unique supplement that’s right at the top of the supplemental chain, where only pristine quality products reside. Maybe you haven’t imagined mixing one powerful super-food combo with another powerful combo of medicinal mushrooms to have the ultimate pre workout supplement. Take it easy, we didn’t either, but thankfully, OM Organic Mushroom Nutrition did, and here we are, reviewing their Organic Mushroom Energy Drink Blend

What’s so different about it? Well, for starters this is a non-GMO energy powder mix that is also free of pesticides, herbicides, artificial sweeteners and colors that are widely used in conventional products.

Another good reason for the high quality of the power boosting supplement is its content. It packs 3 different superfoods that are known for their vigor-boosting qualities and extreme antioxidant capacity – yerba mate, guarana and turmeric, but what’s more important, is that is it features a really impressive group of medicinal mushrooms with highly potent properties – Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Maitake, King Trumpet, and Agaricul Blazei.

Each of these is known for their unique qualities and purposes, but when mixed together, they tend to tilt the scales in this product’s favor when it comes to choosing the best organic pre workout powder. Thanks to the powerful synergy of the mushroom core, enhanced with the no jittery energy sources like yerba mate and turmeric, this organic energy mix is really able to supercharge your entire day, giving you the vim you’ve been missing lately with all your professional obligations, house choirs, family gatherings and workout sessions at hand.

The safety and effectiveness of OM’s production is indisputable. The mushroom energy drink is not only perfect as a pre workout, but also as an immunity booster, because it packs an incredible number of vitamins, rare antioxidants and beta glucans. To make your experience even more pleasurable, the brand has flavored their blend with citric acid, organic stevia and other natural flavors.

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