Organic Mesquite Powder by Live Superfoods

Foodies and healthy cooking fans are always looking for something new to incorporate in their meals. If you are one of those people and haven’t heard of mesquite powder yet, you definitely have to read further.

This product by Live Superfoods represents everything a whole mesquite pod (belonging to the mesquite tree) is suppose to be, only ground in a fine powder form, so that you can use it in dishes more easily.


How can you use mesquite?

Mesquite powder is a great cooking flour. It has a terrific molasses-like flavor with a slight hint of caramel, which, as you can imagine, fits perfectly in all sorts of cupcakes, muffins, cookies, pancakes etc.

Mesquite also adds an amazing taste to smoothies, shakes, coffee drinks, teas, energy and protein bars, etc.


This is how a mesquite tree looks like

Mesquite tree


And this is how a mesquite pod looks like.

Mesquite pod
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Organic mesquite powder is a lot more nutritious than regular wheat flour!

Organic Mesquite Powder


Nutrition facts and health benefits of mesquite

We mentioned that mesquite flour is very nutritional, and with a good reason, because it contains generous doses of plant-based protein (11-17% of the pod), dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, and B3, as well as the essential amino acid lysine.

Mesquite is a natural sweetener, therefore its sugar comes from fructose, meaning it doesn’t trigger the insulin to metabolize. That’s why we can say that mesquite helps balance the blood sugar levels for a longer time period, and that’s why besides keeping a healthy insulin response in most people, it is also a good addition to a diabetic’s diet. Mesquite has a glycemic index of 25, plus 25% of its structure is dietary fiber, which means it digests slower than most grains for instance, avoiding instant blood sugar raises/drops.

Besides excellent nutritional value, mesquite has environmental and ecological value too. The marketing of mesquite products helps battle land desertification, and suggests a reliable economic alternatives to tree cutting.

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