Organic Maqui Rose Chocolate Bar

Goodies are stigmatized as junk food that adults and kids alike should avoid. But for exceptional eatables like this organic maqui rose chocolate bar such pronouncements are straight up slander! This little healthy chocolate dessert is made with substitutes for typical commercially used ingredients, plus there are also certain organic superfood powders like raspberry, maqui, rose hip, and red beet that form the unique exotic taste of this bite sized bliss that you can’t find in every food store around the corner.

Every time you feel like snacking on something sweet, grab one from the box!


Organic Ingredients

Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder, Coconut Oil, Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter, Palm Sugar, Agave Nectar, Red Raspberry Powder, Rose Hip Powder, Maqui Powder, Red Beet Powder.


Organic Maqui Rose Chocolate Bars1

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