Organic Maple Syrup by Now Foods

Are you sick of white sugar and all the noxious consequences it leads to? Do you want to cook and sweeten your beverages with something healthier, yet so, so delicious? We were in the same shoes, but then we began using health-friendly alternative sweeteners such as this organic maple syrup! This liquefied goodness is a production of NOW Foods, a company that has been making premium, yet affordable natural food and supplement products for the health-conscious consumer since 1948.

Want a wholesome and scrumptious topping for your pancakes, waffles, oat meals, granolas and various pastries? Drop the corn syrup ones filled with processed sugars, and consider real maple syrup for the job. Furthermore, it may be a shock to some, but besides its delicious taste, maple syrup also delivers a number of health-fortifying qualities.



Health benefits of maple syrup

A study conducted by the University of Rhode Island, concluded that using maple sugar as a sweetener more often might help prevent severe inflammatory diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or osteoporosis. The secret lies in the polyphenols of maple syrup that play the role of powerful antioxidants.

Maple syrup’s antioxidants also make it a natural anti-ager. It has a fantastic effect when applied on the skin, reviving and softening the skin, and protecting it from free radical and environmental damage. This was stated by the founder of June Jacobs Spa CollectionJune Jacobs.

Use maple syrup instead of white processed sugar when you’re preparing baking goods, as it is a lot less likely to cause bloating, gas, or poor digestion. This benefit was even backed by the author of Healing Digestive Disorders – Andrew Gaeddert.

Become more resistant to colds and flu by consuming more organic maple syrup. The Wayne State University in Detroit conducted a study which backed this theory, as maple syrup contains essential nutrients such as manganese and zinc, which help ward off illnesses. While manganese protects immune cells from damage and inflammation, zinc promotes high levels of white blood cells, which is very important for maximizing your defense against colds.

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