Organic Macaroni with Cheese by Annie’s Homegrown

When you want a good traditional breakfast that can fully satisfy your hunger, and that is a good source of calcium and protein, open your kitchen cupboard and reach for the classic organic macaroni with cheese by Annie’s Homegrown!

What makes this product top grade is the fact it’s made with strictly organic ingredients. You’ll indulge in the magnificent taste of premium Durum wheat, and 100% real cheddar cheese (provided by Organic Valley) that originates from organically-fed cows, free of hormones and antibiotics.

The cheese’s smooth consistency and protein content is increased by organic whey.

You can consume in the traditional way, or try to diversify by adding different veggies, tuna, tomato sauce, or whatever a particular recipe requires.

Organic Ingredients

Semolina Wheat Macaroni From Durum Wheat, Whey, Cheddar Cheese, Nonfat Milk, Salt, Cream, Annatto Extract for Natural Color, Natural Sodium Phosphate.

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