Organic Lucuma Powder by Navitas Naturals

Are you looking for a rarer, premium fruity organic supplement to fortify your well-being? If so, then Navitas Naturals may have something to content your needs, something like the organic lucuma powder!


What is lucuma?

Lucuma (Latin name: Pouteria lucuma) is a delicious subtropical fruit that grows mostly in the Andes on the territory of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile (it’s also grown to a limited extent in Cost Rica and Bolivia). Original information and reports of this fruit date back from 1531 in the Inca Empire, where it was also called “the gold of the Incas”. Lucuma does kind of look like an avocado, as a similar hard, green rind covers the soft, sweet flesh. The flesh on the other hand has a yellow-orange color, and a texture that resembles a dry egg yolk, which is perhaps the reason why some call it “eggfruit”. According to many people, the spectacular taste of lucuma reminds of a cross between a sweet potato and caramel, maple, and even pumpkin.


Nutrition facts about lucuma

The lucuma fruit, and respectively high quality organic lucuma powder such as this, is a host of many nutrients. The fruit offers 14 different trace elements, among which there are fair amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, and phosphorus. Furthermore, the delicious lucuma is a host of some B group vitamins, dietary fiber, and the antioxidant carotene. The wholesomeness and amazing taste of the fruit are so appreciated that in Peru it’s even a symbol for fertility.


Health benefits of lucuma

A study, done by the Rutgers University, has investigated the skin-repairing anti-aging effects of lucuma. Maybe because of the fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties, the trial has concluded that lucuma boosted tissue regeneration, and wound closure. Because of this, we could say that lucuma is a potent anti-aging food. The collected data encouraged Rutgers University to try to patent lucuma extracts, and more specifically oil, which is the perfect form for healing skin wounds.

Lucuma supports the cardiovascular health. It has been used for such purpose for hundreds of years but now science proves that benefit to be a fact. Researches claim that the fruit has strong Angiotensin – Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activities in vitro, which most likely decrease hypertension.

Though it has a fantastic sweet taste, lucuma is low on the glycemic index. It might help people keep their blood pressure in norm. This gives scientists hope that they will eventually find new nutritional support for individuals with type 2 diabetes.


How to use lucuma powder?

The lucuma powder can be used in your favorite juices, smoothies, plus it can participate in many desserts for a fruity note, or as a healthy natural sweetener. The powder can be dusted on cereals, mixed with yoghurts, used for the making of lucuma ice cream, or added to a specific type of soups like kumara for example.

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