Organic Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt by Stonyfield Farm

Yoghurts are really a great healthy snack, especially if they’re made the old fashioned way – without additives, preservatives, and milk that contains hormones and antibiotics. All of these criteria fully apply to this organic low fat strawberry yogurt.

The premium yogurt has a fruit flavor, yet still contains less sugar than most other brands you can find in your local supermarket. Moreover, the producers from Stonyfield Farm use sugar that’s naturally milled in their big ranch that has attracted more than 180 animal species on the territory of its land.

Adults and kids alike can eat this delicious, smooth and creamy bliss without any guilt (if they’re not on a lactose-free diet of course). As most of us know, yogurt usually contains “good” active bacteria which are also commonly known as probiotics. Besides the abundance of these microscopic living organisms, real yogurts such as this one, contain a fair number of vitamins and minerals.

Because of its nutrients, this type of food can offer certain health benefits like: osteoporosis prevention, reduce high blood pressure, favor the gut flora and thus help with specific stomach conditions, satiate your hunger, and more.

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