Organic Low-Fat Sour Cream

If you love using sour cream as a cooking ingredient or a topping when you get busy in the kitchen, and if you’re also trying to have healthier eating habits we can probably tip you on the right edible that matches your liking. We’re talking about this organic low-fat sour cream. The name implies that not only is the cream skimmed in order to help you avoid high saturated fat consumption, but it’s also made of the purest and realest milk and cream possible, obtained from humanely grown cows who hadn’t been given any GMO foods, antibiotics, hormones etc.

This also means that you will enjoy an authentic taste of some fresh low-fat sour cream every time you add some to your portion of potatoes, veggies, or salad. You can even use it in the mixture for baked goods such as cookies, cakes and other pastries. Want a health-friendly dessert? Just add some fresh fruits and a little honey to this creamy goodness and take delight in a truly delectable treat.

Let’s not forget that sour cream is used as a base for one the best dips for chips and crackers, often blended with onion. Possibilities are many, give yourself the most incredible culinary and nutrition experience, all thanks to this top notch Organic Valley product.


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