Organic Lemon Green Tea Energy Drink by Enerbee

Energy supplements are a lot better when they’re manufactured with health-preserving reasons in mind. So if you want to spare your well-being by avoiding blood sugar spikes caused by artificial sweeteners, caffeine overdose, preservatives, and so on and so forth, consider switching from conventionally-produced energy products to the organic lemon green tea energy drink by Enerbee. The brand knows how important it is for people on healthy diets to have a pick-me-up beverage that’s not filled with potentially-harmful components, that’s why they’ve made this product with real organic ingredients such as ginseng, yerba mate, bee pollen, royal jelly and honey. All the 100mg organic caffeine found present in Enerbee’s production, comes only from green tea.

So every time you want to get that extra energy boost when you’re at work or you’re about to have a training session, grab one of these, it will surely give you the power you need, without jeopardizing your health with genetically modified organisms, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or flavors. Even more, the drink will supply your body with vitamin C, B group vitamins, and other beneficial constituents.

The health-friendly energy drink is slightly carbonated to obviate bloating and gas, and to be more pleasant for consumption.

Contains only 80 calories per can.

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