Organic Lemon Cookies by Go Raw, with Sesame, Coconut and Dates

Some people say wholesome snacks aren’t as delicious as most mass-produced treats you usually see on the shelves in the local supermarket, but products like these organic lemon cookies with sesame, coconut, and dates definitely have what it takes to prove such nonsensical claims wrong.

This nourishing goodness offers lemon lovers the real, natural, refreshing taste of the super fruit, backed up by generous servings of essential nutrients such as dietary fiber, minerals, and heart-healthy saturated fat.

Cholesterol-free, and lower in calories compared to conventionally-made biscuits, these crispy and health-friendly cookies will satisfy your taste buds and feed your body properly.

Organic Ingredients

Lemon Oil, Sesame, Unsulphured Coconut, Dates

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