Organic Kamut Flour

Just like einkorn, kamut too is a type of very ancient wheat that’s also known as Khorasan and that was originally native to Egypt, but was imported into the United States back in 1949. Ever since, this nutritious wholegrain wheat has been used for making cereals, pasta, bread, crackers, pastries, and even drinks (for example beer).

If you too want that heart-healthy wholesomeness in your kitchen to test all sorts of recipes, this organic kamut flour would be the means to let you keep it healthy, nutrient-rich and tasty. Manufactured by Panhandle Milling, this GMO-free all-purpose flour is ground from the inside of the kamut wheat kernel, resulting in a beautiful and very fine white powder. The organic Khorasan flour is perfect for anything that calls for flour, like healthy bread, delicious rolls and everyday baking.

Kamut Nutrition:

Kamut is a good source of B vitamins like thiamin and niacin, as well as vitamins A and E. 1 cup of cooked camut delivers 4mg niacin (20% DV) and 0.16g thiamin (11% DV). Furthermore, the key minerals in Khorasan wheat are: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and sodium. The same serving of kamut provides you with 3mg (17% DV) of iron, 83mg (21% DV) of magnesium, 253mg (25% DV) of phosphorus and 3.16mg (21% DV) of zinc.

Khorasan is a wholegrain and as such, most of its calories (227 per 1 cup) come from low-glycemic carbohydrates that amount to 47.5g . The same serving also packs the generous 7.4g of dietary fiber and a total of nearly 10g protein. So when you take a glance at the nutrients of this wholegrain, you realize why it should be labeled as one of the most nutritious flours possible.

General Health Benefits of Kamut

Organic Kamut-based foods may be effective in lowering metabolic risk factors, which is hinted in a 2013 study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. To boot, those who eat kamut products more often are shown to have lower LDL cholesterol and blood sugar, when compared to individuals who consume semi-whole grain wheat products. At last, but not least, kamut eaters demonstrated reduced inflammatory levels and less oxidative stress.

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