Organic Jalapeno Pepper by Starwest Botanicals, Powdered

When spicing up a meal, many cooks reach reflexively for jalepeno, one of the most popular hot peppers in the world. This pre-ground jalepeno pepper will take the guesswork out of chopping, measuring, and cleaning up after whole peppers. At the same time, using this organic spice, which is dried and easy to handle, is less likely to cause the notorious capsaicin burns that so often annoy cooks who touch their face or eyes after forgetting to wear gloves while handling raw jalepenos. Though it is a popular ingredient on Mexican and Tex-Mex fusion menus, jalepenos find their way into marinades, curries, stir-fries, and any other dish that begs for a bit of pizazz. Best of all, powdered organic jalepeno pepper comes in 4 oz kitchen-ready quantities or in 1 lb bulk orders, which may be more appropriate for restaurants and catering businesses.

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