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Are you fed up with white sugar and all the negative influence it has on your health? If so, then enter the world of alternative sweeteners with this organic jaggery.

Jaggery is originally consumed in Africa (locally known as Panela) and Asia (Locally known as Gur). It is traditional non-centrufugal cane sugar, whose color is either light or dark-brown. The preparation method involves boiling of the cane juice, then solidifying it into the form it’s sold.

Besides from evaporated cane juice, it is also made from sap of the date palm tree, but this version is not massively produced. Apart from white sugar which only contains empty calories, jaggery is unrefined, it preserves its mineral crystals and molasses, which is one reason for its superiority over its conventional counterpart. Another reason for that is of course the deeply satisfying taste it provides you with.

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This organic jaggery block can be easily grated if the situation requires that, or it can be melted in hot water in order to create a sweet health-friendly syrup. Jaggery is often mixed with other ingredients like coconut, peanuts, and condensed milk, in order to produce some fine sweet delicacies.

Let’s not forget the organic certification of this product. It is a definite sign of its high quality. It means the jaggery is pure, made of organic cane juice, free of any pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, colorings and artificial flavors.


Health benefits of jaggery

Despite being a sweetener, jaggery still possesses some health-related properties that might be in favor of your body.

Though not all of them are in great amounts, there are minerals found present in gur, some of which with antioxidant character. Those are mostly magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus. Besides that, it is a good source of dietary fiber.

It may come as a stunning surprise to some people, but jaggery stimulates good digestion. The alternative sweetener shifts into acetic acid within the stomach, plus it triggers the gut’s digestive enzymes. That’s why it lowers the strain on the digestion tract and the intestines, and facilitates smooth digestion.

The detox qualities of jaggery are another unexpected health benefit for those who are unaware of it. Even more, gur has shown potential to clean the lungs, intestines, liver, stomach, food pipe, and the respiratory tract’s airways. Furthermore, jaggery has the ability to pull out unwanted particles and sediments from the body. A partial reason for that property is believed to be the fiber found present in it. So remember, keeping your gut happy and healthy is key to detoxification.

Jaggery is good for people with anemia. Why? Because the health-friendly sweetener is rich in iron. This mineral has a fundamental role in the production of hemoglobin. You can cover your daily allowance for iron with even smaller amounts of jaggery. Having optimum iron levels helps you prevent anemia.

Jaggery is a good means to relieve some of the post menstrual syndrom’s symptoms like bad mood, and fatigue. During a woman’s period her hormones are raving. Gur eases the release of happy hormones like endorphins. This aids in relaxing the body, and limiting mood swings.

As we said, the delicious sweetener contains a number of minerals, amongst which are selenium, and zinc. They have antioxidant properties, hence they help fight the damage caused by free radicals, as well as infections. That’s why jaggery is a good immune stimulator.



Although, there aren’t any serious side effects of jaggery, it’s not advisable to consume it, if you’re on a weight loss diet plan, or you’re a diabetic. In the first case, it’s because it contains 4 kcal a gram, and in the second case it’s because it could cause a considerable rise in your blood sugar levels. If the circumstances require it, consult with your dietitian or health care provider before eating jaggery on a daily basis.

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