Organic Infant Formula with Iron by Earth’s Best

Breastfeeding a new born child is always the healthiest way a mother can feed their bundle of joy. But sometimes, situations call for an alternative, and that’s when the wondering begins. Striving to find the best option possible, a parent often can find themselves struggling. That’s when this organic infant formula with iron comes in. This is by far the next smartest choice you can make to nurture a baby safely and wholesomely, and Earth’s Best are responsible for it!

This product is an organic milk-based baby meal made of pure cow’s milk from cows that are raised humanely on organic farms where pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics and artificial agents are inhibited.


What does the organic infant powder contain?

Talk about a baby’s first year diet, this is indeed the perfect addition to it. The product has a whey/casein proportion that’s almost identical to mother’s milk, plus a diversity of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids (ARA and DHA) that aid in the development of a baby’s brain and eye heath, and are derived from organic oils like coconut and sunflower/safflower oil. Among the diversity of nutrients for your baby, the product also contains nucleotides that are integrated into fundamental cofactors of enzymatic reactions. They also play an important role in cell signaling and have a crucial part in metabolism.



2-oz. bottle 2 fl. oz. 1 unpacked level scoop (8.7g)
4-oz. bottle 4 fl. oz. 2 unpacked level scoops (17.4g)
6-oz. bottle 6 fl. oz. 3 unpacked level scoops (26.1g)
8-oz. bottle 8 fl. oz. 4 unpacked level scoops (34.8g)


To make larger amounts of the product, add 16 unpacked level scoops (139g) to approximately 945g of water.

Cap bottle, shake energetically until the powder is completely dissolved, then attach nipple.

Feed your baby instantly, or refrigerate the mixture. If you put the formula in the fridge, use it up to 24 hours after preparation. Throw away the remaining formula after feeding, or if unrefrigerated for longer than 1 hour.



Never use microwave to warm bottles or the formula, because burns may result.



Store unopened containers of the organic infant nutrition at room temperature. Upon opening, use a plastic lid to cover the can, and keep at a cool dry spot (not a fridge though), and use within a month after opening.

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