Organic Holy Basil Tea by Organic Traditions

Basil is undoubtedly a fantastic culinary herb that can augment your taste buds’ satisfaction, but its variety of properties widens the possibilities of use. Organic Traditions have adroitly managed to capture the plant’s qualities in their organic holy basil tea.

Holy basil is traditionally used in Asia, as opposed to the sweet basil variety that is more preferred in Italy and the rest of Europe. Commonly known as Tulsi, holy basil is reckoned as one of the most sacred plants in Ayurvedic medicine and has a centuries-old longtime reputation in India, to such an extent that it has earned it the nickname “The Incomparable One”.

An essential tonic in Ayurveda, holy basil tea has good adaptogenic properties that help the body adapt to external stress-causing elements and helps it bring hormonal balance.

In that reference, this organic holy basil tea is also valued for its ability to promote a peaceful mind. That’s the reason it can be used as a meditation tea that eases your thoughts and aids you in achieving a blissful state. The yogis and sage monks have been using this herb for hundreds of years prior to meditation. You too can profit from this tea when you practice yoga at home or when you indulge in meditation.

Other potential benefits of holy basil tea include:

#1 Boosts cardiovascular health

That’s because it contains magnesium, a mineral that eases the blood vessels, promotes better blood flow, prevents plaque build-up on the arteries, hence it also helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

#2 Offers great respiratory support

Tulsi can aid you in recovering from light coughs as well as more serious conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

#3 Has anti-stress qualities

Some studies show the potential of tulsi to reduce the level of the stress hormone called cortisol due to the presence of anti-stress constituents in it, another reason why it is considered an adaptogenic herb.

#4 Improves digestion

This is one of the most recognizable benefits of the flavorful organic holy basil tea. Holy basil eases the functions of the liver, and a healthy liver is essential for proper digestion. The tea also facilitates better absorption, metabolism, and assimilation of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

#5 Promotes weight loss

The herbal infusion is a safe and natural fat-loss agent, because as it speeds up your metabolism, it helps you burn more calories and fat during workouts.

#6 Relieves migraines and headaches

#7 Helps dissolve kidney stones

As a great diuretic and detox herb, holy basil helps reduce the uric acid in our bodies by improving kidney cells functions.

#8 Relieves fever

Since fever is usually a result of infection caused by fungus, bacteria or protozoa, symptoms of mild fever can be reduced due to holy basil’s anti-microbial properties. You can also use the tea to accelerate the recovery from more serious fever infections such as malaria and dengue.

#9 Diabetes

A study carried out in India showed that holy basil leaves help decrease blood sugar levels by decreasing glucose with a total of 17% and 7% right after a meal.

#10 Offers oral health benefits

The antimicrobial qualities of tulsi assist in obliterating bacteria and germs in the oral cavity. Being an aromatic herb, it also acts as a natural breathalyzer. Holy basil leaf tea also has usefulness in other dental and oral diseases like mouth ulcers, pyorrhea and oral cancer.

#11 Helps you quit smoking

Quitting cigarettes is difficult for most smokers, as they create both a physical and psychological dependency. One of the reasons smokers smoke is to relieve stress. It has been established that tulsi tea hosts specific anti-stress compounds that help an individual go off smoking.

#12 Has anti-cancer properties

Clinical studies hint at the antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic qualities that may potentially block the progression of oral and breast cancer.

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