Organic Hazelnut Spread by Nutiva

Chocolate spreads are really scrumptious, we all know that. Whether you put them in cakes, muffins, or smear your pancakes with them, your taste buds will be happy. But as someone who knows mass produced foods like sweets aren’t very auspicious for your health, have you ever wished there were a healthier version of this particular goodness? You probably have, and as luck would have it Nutiva have granted your wish with their organic hazelnut spread!

Absent of any synthetic additives, artificial flavors, enhancers or any other fillers, this hazelnut cream spread is superior to conventional products made by companies like Nutella, Finetti or Baker’s Dipping Chocolate in terms of distinct, dense flavor, and of course, in terms of health-friendliness and safety.

Another proof for the dominating quality of this product is the fact it has 40% less sugar than leading brands such as the above mentioned, plus it also delivers 5g of dietary fiber and 450mg omega-3 fats each serving, so there’s really something to profit from here, besides spectacular taste.

Available in classic and dark flavors.

Certified organic by the QAI and ECOCERT ICO.

Fair trade certified by IMO.

Since Nutiva care for the preservation of nature, 1% of the sales of the delicious organic hazelnut spread go to sustainable agriculture support!


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