Organic Ginger Powder by Indus Organics

We know that ginger root is among the most health-beneficial superfoods possible. But fresh ginger is not always convenient to use and requires more effort and time for processing, not to mention it’s VERY pungent. That’s why Indus Organics have given their best to provide this nutritional champion, but in the form of an easy to use spice. This organic ginger powder brings a warm, spicy biter and sweet flavor that would fit perfectly in a series of recipes and mixes. For example, ginger powder can be a killer-ingredient in ginger cookies, bread and all sorts of baking foods, pickles and other canned goods, sauces, soups and curries.

Grown in a biodiverse environment using sustainable agriculture in India, the organic ginger powder packs most of fresh ginger’s health benefits, but it outstrips it in terms of use diversity, taste and convenience.

As a certified organic product, the Indus Organics ginger powder contains no MSG, preservatives, radiation, GMO, pesticides, added salt or artificial flavors.

Packed in a food-grade, BPA-free jar.

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