Organic Garam Masala by Simply Organic

South Asian and North Indian cuisines offer certain exquisite dishes that impress with specific flavor and scent. A big part of this is owed to a special blend of selected aromatic spices called Garam Masala. Now you can own this terrific, great-tasting seasoning mixture in its purest form possible, thanks to the organic garam masala that’s brought to you by none other but Simply Organic!

The name garam masala has a Hindi origin, with garam meaning “hot”, and masala meaning “a mixture of spices”. Garam usually refers to the Ayurvedic meaning of “hot”, as in “to heat the body” in order to raise the temperature of the body.

Depending on the concrete region and personal taste, garam masala tends to feature slightly different ingredients which are toasted, then ground and mixed with one another. Simply Organic’s blend includes:

Cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander, black pepper, cinnamon.

Other more common variants also contain nutmeg and mace, fennel seeds and bay leaf.

Some recipes require garam masala to be combined with other herbs other recipes call for grounding the spices with water, coconut milk and vinegar to form a paste. Also, the premium condiment blend pairs particularly good with garlic, onion, nuts, stone flower, Cubeb (Kababchini) and anise. All the ingredients are delicately blended in amount in order for a balanced result to be achieved. The garam masala powder can be toasted prior to usage to additionally release its aromas and flavors. In Pakistan garam masala is commonly added to all varieties of pilaf, usually in the hot oil around 5 minutes after you’ve added some onion.

Cooking with garam masala is a real pleasure. It would make you very eager to try the dish you’ve prepared, as well as to treat your family and friends with something that really represents the true glory of Indian and Asian cuisine.

All herbs and spices used for the making of this product are strictly certified organic. Therefore they contain no trace of GMO elements, pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers and irradiation.

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