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Everybody has their secret ingredient when they’re cooking a dish. If you’re still trying to find yours, and you want some help about it, we would vote with both hands for fennel pollen! Why? Because in case you’re looking for something to add a phenomenal touch to a specific type of recipe, this rare powerful spice surely is a marvelous choice that won’t fail you.

Generally, this pollen is collected by hand from wild fennel plants, which grows in abundance in California and Italy.

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It may surprise you, but fennel pollen doesn’t taste much like regular fennel, or anise. That means it adds a completely different flavor to your dish, one that’s definitely worth trying.

The unique taste of fennel pollen fits perfectly to all sorts of meat, soups, stews, roasted veggies, spaghetti, and whole-grain dishes. You can even dust just a tiny bit on a butter toast for breakfast, or use it in the dough when you’re baking bread. But besides for savory recipes, you can also put fennel pollen as an incognito ingredient in sweet courses such as muffins, and pies. It will enhance their complex taste, and make your guests wonder what you have used in this heavenly delicious dessert.

Since this is a strong condiment, the trick with it is not to overuse, which is kind of a good thing, because that way a certain amount of fennel pollen would be enough for a longer period of time.

This organic fennel pollen by Pollen Ranch will help you acquire only the highest quality of this spice, without the pesticides conventional producers use to spray their plants.

The product has received organic certification from the USDA and the CCOF.

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