Organic Ezekiel Bread by Food for Life

Bread is overlooked by many people who strive to live on a healthy diet, but the truth is there are types of bread that shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to losing weight, or just having a well-balanced, wholesome meal.

Don’t just take our word for it, convince yourself by trying this organic Ezekiel bread. What’s special about this exact loaf, is that it’s not made with just one type of whole-grain or seed, instead it combines a total of 6 different legumes and grains: barley, whole-wheat, beans, lentils, spelt, and millet, all of which have their own remarkable nutritional value, help you feel satiated, and improve your well-being.

The extreme wholesomeness of this particular heart-healthy bread will blow your socks off, due to the simple reason that you can rarely find such a highly-nutritional bread or pasta product. With 18 amino acids (including all of the essential ones), considerably high plant protein content, slow-digestible carbohydrates, vitamin C, B group vitamins, an abundance of minerals, and a very generous amount of dietary fiber, this edible is a must have in your kitchen!


Organic Ingredients

Sprouted Barley, Sprouted Wheat, Sprouted Millet, Sprouted Lentils, Malted Barley, Sprouted Soybeans, Sprouted Spelt, Sea Salt, Fresh Yeast, Wheat Gluten

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