Organic Dulse Rice Crackers

If snack time is your favorite part of the day, and you’re looking for something new and different to nibble on, these organic dulse rice crackers would hit the spot!

Made of 100% crispy, organic rice puffs, and flavored with a special type of superfood like the seaweed dulse, these rice cakes are simply ideal for munching on various occasions, from movie nights, to post-workout snacking. Not only do these rice crackers have a delectable savory taste (because of the dulse), but they’re also a great source of complex carbohydrates, which means they could help the body recovery after a training session, or charge it with energy prior to training.

Dulse is a very wholesome type of red seaweed, and is getting very popular in cookery. Researchers have recently even invented seaweed bacon, which is namely made of dulse, and has the exact same taste as regulary bacon. The difference is, dulse is way healthier, and more nutritious than bacon!

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