Organic Date Syrup by Date Lady

You can always count on the Date Lady to bring only pure, high grade, great-tasting products to your table, as she is really good at unleashing her creativeness in the kitchen!

That’s exactly what she’s done when she created a top notch wholesome sweetener like this organic date syrup! If you think that a sweet course couldn’t be prepared that good with something different than white sugar, then you’ll be in for a big surprise when you try your recipe with one of the best alternative sweeteners you can get your hands on.

Made 100% from organic dates, this product’s flavor is not very strong to overwhelm you, it has just the right level of sweetness to let you achieve a perfect result.

You can use the premium organic date syrup in baked goods, or in any other recipe that requires a sweetener, regardless of whether it is a dessert we’re talking about, or a savory one. It will also serve great when you want to add a topping to a pancake, a toast, or you can mix it with yoghurt.

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