Organic Concord Grape Juice by Lakewood

Religion stories say grapes are one of Heaven’s fruits. When you think about it, their distinguishing taste truly deserves to be described as “divine” especially the taste of red grapes. If you enjoy the flavor and antioxidant benefits of grapes as much as we do, then this organic concord grape juice fits your preference. Being a Lakewood output, this revitalizing beverage is of really high quality.

Forget conventional concentrates that are diluted and have sweetener additives, because this right here is the real deal. Fresh-pressed from pure, organically grown concord grapes, this premium juice guarantees you the full natural power and flavor of real grapes. Thanks to the cold-pressing method, you get to profit from most of the precious minerals, vitamins and flavonoid antioxidants that are naturally occurring in a grape. That means this splendid juice is not only delicious, but can also have a positive influence on your health by:


– Improving arterial elasticity

– Reducing high blood pressure

– Slowing LDL cholesterol oxidation

– Improving heart functions

– Fight Arteriosclerosis

– And more.

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