Organic Cold-Pressed Whey Protein by NorCal Organic

NorCal Organic (previously known as Source Organic) are highly specialized in the creation of strictly organic cold-pressed whey protein that’s non-denatured and free of any rBGH or rBST hormones that are massively injected into cattle to increase milk production. This grass fed whey supplement originates from Northern California family farms where cows are raised humanely and roam freely in the pasture for almost the entire year. That way cows are happier, hence they give better milk. They usually graze on lush pasture of rye, clover, and other native grass species.

With 150mg glutathione, 4.9g BCAA, a total of 21g of clean cold-pressed whey protein, decent amounts of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and riboflavin, and barely 1g carbohydrates, this product is potent enough to help you reach fitness and physical goals, while helping you have a clean bill of health.

This one is unflavored, but NorCal also offer naturally flavored lines.

Definitely a great choice in our review of top grass fed whey proteins.

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