Organic Cold Brew Coffee Shot by Bizzy

Bizzy’s organic cold brew coffee shot takes your coffee experience to a place you thought didn’t exist until now! Why? Because it encompasses advantages that you can hardly find in other on-the go coffee products: health-friendliness, organic certification, consumption convenience, and magnificent caramel flavor. Thanks to the natural flavor and absence of any sweeteners or additives, the organic coffee shot is calorie-free, carbohydrate –free, dairy-free, and sugar-free.

If you want something like an espresso shot from the nearest cafe, but better in terms of quality, pureness and taste, the Bizzy coffee shots will be ready whenever you need real coffee anywhere, anytime.

The versatility of the product allows you to either consume it straight as it is, add it to cold or hot water for a delicious brew, or add it as an ingredient in your favorite protein smoothies to throw in some coffee note and extra energy charge. The coffee shots are made only from premium, ethically sourced ingredients: organic coffee beans, organic natural flavorings, and water.

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