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Cilantro is what we call the leaves of the plant Coriandrum sativum, its seeds of which are more commonly known as coriander.

The plant is popular across the world, mostly in Asian and Mexican cuisine (in China it’s also known as Chinese parsley), but you can often find it as a splendid condiment in Mediterranean dishes, basically it fits a lot of foods, thanks to its fresh zip.

Yet you should be careful using this fine herb, because too much of it could leave you rather displeased, but when applied in the right amounts, cooking with cilantro is downright delicious experience. That’s the reason it finds place in salads, soups, dressings, pesto, sea food, meat-based dishes, sandwiches, stews, and chutney/hummus recipes. For instance, one of the most famous ways of using cilantro is with lime and chili, which has proven to be a lovely complement to salsas made from tomatoes.

If you’re eager to use cilantro in the kitchen, or if you are already a fan of the famous herb, we suggest you use only the finest organic cilantro leaves that won’t disappoint in terms of quality, flavor, and pureness.

The coriander plants used for this condiment are grown strictly using organic methods, hence they are free of GMO, pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, or any other harmful chemical substance that conventional brands use.

Health benefits of cilantro

Cilantro may be used mainly in culinary, but it also has its fair share of health-related advantages.

It holds potential as a toxic metal cleanser. This herb is a strong metal-purifying agent, because its compounds connect with harmful heavy metals, thus separating them from the tissue. Scientists even consider using the plant as a water cleanser of metals. There are also many people who have less often-cited feeling of disorientation when taking moderate to large amounts of cilantro, after they’ve been exposed to mercury.

Cilantro has blood sugar-lowering properties.

The plant contains antioxidants that can protect against oxidative stress.

Studies also hint that cilantro has potential in protecting against cardiovascular damage.

The naturally occurring oil in the plant has been shown to have anti-anxiety effects.

Research conducted in the Brazilian Dental School of Piracicaba has concluded that cilantro bears antifungal and antibacterial properties.

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