Organic Chocolate Low Fat Milk by Horizon Organic

What milk drink has 32mg of DHA omega-3 fatty acids, 8g protein, vitamins A and D, low fat content, no hormones, antibiotics or GMO, and brings an amazing chocolate flavor that both adults and kids alike can take delight in? That’s right, the Horizon Organic chocolate flavored low fat milk!

This delectable organic cow’s milk beverage comes in 236ml convenient to use milk boxes that have a pull tab on their top to guarantee the easiest usage possible even for small children. Speaking of children, they need a proper amount of calcium to develop their bone system, as well as omega fats for good brain development. In that reference, one serving of the nutritious organic milk delivers 30% of the recommended daily value for calcium, and decent amounts of DHA omega fatty acids, so this product is particularly beneficial to kids. Unlike many other flavored milks out there, this one has the perfect balance of sweetness, so don’t worry about consuming too much sugar with it.

The carton consists of 18 organic milk boxes, so there’s plenty for the whole family!

Organic Ingredients

Grade A Low Fat Milk, Cocoa, Cane Sugar, Gellan Gum, Vanilla Extract, DHA Algal Oil, Vitamin E and Ascorbic Acid Blend (To Preserve Freshness), Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Salt

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