Organic Chewing Gum by Chicza

Chewing gum is a wonderful way to quit smoking, freshen up after a meal, or lose some stress. This one improves upon the traditional model by being a biodegradable, sustainably produced, and completely aspartame-free product.

The idea of organic chewing gum may seem new, but it hails from the chicle tree in what was once the mighty Mayan empire. This tree is not only capable of producing a healthy, delicious gum, but its chewy sap breaks down to dirt within weeks. (In fact, it even improves compost!)

Chicza carefully manages the living rainforest trees from which it harvests its product while protecting the woods, thus ensuring that chicle fans will have the benefit of this gum for generations to come.

The three distinct flavors, Mexican Lime, Wild Mint, and Spearmint, are only the first of many varieties forthcoming from this brand.

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