Organic Chai Pastilles

Maybe in your book health-friendly chewing candy isn’t often reckoned as first choice when it comes to healthier sweets. But maybe, that’s because you haven’t tried the organic chai pastilles before! There aren’t many sweets that are infused with the delectable taste of chai.

Chai is one of our very favorite drinks. A powerful mix of herbs, spices and tea, this beverage has been highly praised for centuries, especially in India, where the people used it to fortify their overall well-being and stimulate calmness. The blend may come in different formulas, but there seem to be some standard ingredients that are included in most cases: black tea, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, cardamom, black pepper and clove.

So to have that powerful combo and exquisite taste in organic candy is not an opportunity to miss. And of course, instead of white sugar, aspartame, acesulfame or any other artificial sweetener, the product is made with unprocessed crystalized cane juice, maple syrup, and tapioca syrup.

Cholesterol and sodium-free.

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