Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha by Epic Matcha

When you want to drink matcha on a daily basis to improve your mood and health, you shouldn’t compromise with quality in any case, because you would otherwise spend your money in vain. That’s why to have a full satisfaction with the wonderful herbal tea, choose carefully. You won’t make a mistake by trusting this organic ceremonia grade matcha!

The producer Epic Matcha makes sure that your green tea experience will be… well… EPIC! This tin of supreme quality matcha is made of the finest green tea leaves, perfectly grown in shade, picked at the right time, and precisely ground into a delectable powder with vibrant green color, and fresh vegetable-resembling smell and taste.

The ancient Japanese culture has been honoring green tea as a divine drink for more than 900 years. In Japan the original tea ceremony was implemented with matcha back in the past, and is still done so to this day. With the “ceremonial” and “organic” classifications, you can rest assured that superb quality is at your hands, and you have the centerpiece to make your own tea ceremony if you wish!

Let’s not forget to mention that matcha is truly a unique superfood, and one of the healthiest herbal teas you can benefit from.

Matcha is among the most antioxidant-rich foods and supplements ever. It boosts your mind power, focus, energy levels, immunity, metabolism, while lowering your HDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure. This type of green tea is also a great detox herb, so drinking matcha tea more often would help your body release toxins and heavy metals.

If you want to make sure the matcha you’re buying is high quality, this article contains information that can help.

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