Organic Cashew and Caramel Protein Bar by GoMacro

GoMacro are known for extremely high quality of both the content of their products and the particularly delightful flavors that can make the consumer go bonkers mad about them. This cashew and caramel protein bar fully justifies the high level that the brand sustains.

Along with the 11g of plant protein that this bar packs, it also offers some minerals and vitamins that you can profit from. The vegetarian protein bar is made using only natural sweeteners and superfoods that form the spectacular taste and consistency, and will boost your immune system’s natural resistance.

Besides the protein, the food bar also delivers complex slow burning carbohydrates that provide you with continuous energy and guarantee you fullness for longer. With GoMacro’s highly nutritional bars you don’t have to sacrifice wholesomeness when you don’t have time in your busy day any more, as one of these can serve as the perfect meal replacement when you’re on the fly. It’s also perfect for pre or post-workout protein snack.


Organic Ingredients

Protein Blend (Pea Protein, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein), Cashew Butter, Cashews, Coconut Sugar, Brown Rice Syrup, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Puffed Brown Rice, Sprouted Flax, Mesquite.

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