Organic Canned Jackfruit by Native Forrest

If you keep only top notch foods in your pantry, this organic canned jackfruit would be a worthy addition to your jarred and canned supplies.

The young organic jackfruit chunks that the Native Forest company uses are grown in fabulous organic orchards on the mesmerizing island of Sri Lanka. The young jackfruit has a fleshy interior, a mild taste and a meaty, chicken-resembling texture, which is the reason why it is being considered as a meat-substitute for vegans and vegetarians more and more often. Unlike ripe jackfruits who have a sweetish, fruity flavor, young and unripe jackfruits have a kind of savory taste, which makes them the more suitable option for dishes in which you want to substitute chicken or pork with something else, hence this canned jackfruit is the perfect choice for you if that’s what you’re looking for.

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