Organic Brown Rice Vinegar

Adding a sour flavor to your salad or marinade has somehow been always associated with apple cider vinegar or grape vinegar, as they’re by far the most prominent vinegars across the world. But as a cooking enthusiast you just couldn’t help but want variety in your cooking experience, so you begin to search for a different type of vinegar to experiment a little. That’s where Eden’s organic brown rice vinegar comes in. Yes, you read right! Now you can have that specific tart flavor to your favorite salad , dressing or marinade, and you can do it by using an organically produced product that is made of brown rice.

Rice vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented rice or wine rice and is most popular in Asian countries like Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea. Depending on what kind of rice it is made from, the vinegar’s color and taste can alter. For instance, black rice vinegar that is made from black rice has a dark color, and has a deep, smoky flavor, very preferred in south China. On the other hand white rice vinegars have higher acetic acid levels, and their color ranges from colorless to light yellow. There is even red rice vinegar with a distinguishing red color, made from Red yeast rice that is cultivated from the mold Monascus purpureus. Because of the mold, this vinegar has a distinctive flavor. Brown rice vinegar such as the one we’re presenting, can scope their color from dark yellow to brown. Chinese and Japanese rice vinegars have a very mild and kind of sweetish, acidic taste compared to more acidic Western vinegars.


Health benefits of brown rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is brimming with amino acids. Amino acids are responsible for a lot of processes in the body. They’re required for proper nutrient assimilation and digestion. As a matter of fact, Dr. Yoshio Takino of the Japanese Shizuka University, says that high quality rice vinegar contains 16 organic acids and all 20 standard amino acids, and they help the body with the dissolution of accumulated toxic fats. A similar statement was also given by Cal Orey who wrote “the Healing Powers Of Vinegar”.


Rice vinegar may help you slow down aging

Dr Takino explains that when unsaturated fats in vegetable oils and other foods are heated, exposed to solar light or oxidized in the metabolism process, fat peroxides start to form. Fat peroxides accelerate the buildup of bad cholesterol, as well as the aging process. Brown rice vinegar can be an anti-aging food namely because its powerful amino acid content has the ability to eradicate such toxic fats.


Rice vinegar supports heart health

Since it’s effective in keeping the cholesterol levels in norms by preventing and reducing cholesterol clumping on blood vessel walls, rice vinegar is a good addition to a cardiovascular supportive diet. Cal Orey says that the intake of brown rice vinegar can help you lower the LDL cholesterol, increase the good HDL cholesterol, and lower the blood pressure.


Brown rice vinegar aids digestive health

According to Orey, brown rice’s acetic acid has the function to help the body absorb nutrients from food. That’s why consuming some vinegar with your food might assist in the assimilation of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other naturally occurring compounds, which otherwise might be lost during digestion.


This product can really shake things up in the kitchen for you, because rice vinegar recipes are really delicious, they just await implementation. If you want to try some for yourself, we might be able to give a tip or two.

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