Organic Brown Rice Pasta by Jovial Foods

We like Jovial. They know what the health-conscious consumers want when it comes to baking ingredients or dough-based products for that spectacular Italian lunch or dinner they’re planning for the next Saturday family dinner. The company’s organic brown rice pasta is no doubt one of their best glute-free, wholegrain farfalle that adds rare nutritiousness in a pasta comestible. These organic bow-tie noodles are not only wholesome and authentic quality, but they also have that funny aspect thanks to their cute shape.

Cooking tip:

To cook the GMO-free brown rice pasta el dante, they would require around 12 minutes on the oven. If you’re going to mix them with other ingredients and intend to give them a second cooking, 6-8 minutes would be sufficient. Test them often, because as with most other brown rice pasta, the line between perfectly cooked dish and mush is thin.

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