Organic Blue Cheese by Organic Valley

You decide to switch to organic diet (at least as far as it is possible for you). But then again, you wonder if you could still enjoy the marvelous taste of your favorite delicacies, if you were to eat organic. Of course it’s possible, and this organic blue cheese stands out as a most appropriate exhibit. Good thing that there are still great bands like Organic Valley that try to meet the demands of health-conscious individuals who still want to rejoice in the flavor of foods.

Blue cheese is indeed a sophisticated and unique-tasting edible that has become a favorite to many over the years. It serves fantastic as a side-dish, plus it goes great with different foods and drinks like wine. Not to mention that there are many mouth-watering recipes that include blue cheese as well.

So if you want the best-tasting blue cheese possible, and an eatable made from pure ingredients, you don’t need to search any longer.

Shelf life: 180 days



Cheese Cultures, Organic Milk, Penicillium Roqueforti, Microbial Enzyme, Animal Enzyme, Salt

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