Organic Blood Orange Energy Drink

Everybody pretty much knows commercial energy beverages like Red Bull and Shark are awfully unhealthy and slowly waste away your well-being with all the chemicals, processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sodium and caffeine excess, and God knows what else.

So what are you suppose to drink to get an extra charge when you’re feeling exhausted, and it’s not the time to get some sleep and rest? The answer is this lightly carbonated, organic blood orange energy drink! Manufactured by Dark Dog Organic, this superb health-friendly energy beverage is levels above the mass produced ones you normally find in the supermarket. For starters, all the ingredients in the liquid are certified organic and non-GMO verified.

But the good news doesn’t end here, because the product is sodium-free, and sweetened solely with coconut sugar and cane, which adding the fact it contains 25% organic red orange juice, makes it an energy drink with a particularly enjoyable taste. Owing to the real ingredients in it, the organic drink is also a fantastic source of B complex vitamins and vitamin C.

Organic Ingredients

Carbonated Water, Blood Orange Juice, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Black Carrot Juice, Coconut Flower Sugar, Natural Flavors, Natural Caffeine, Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9.

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