Organic Black Garlic by Culinary Elite

It’s amazing how much we discover about foods with years and science advancing. We become aware of the hidden nutritional power many natural edibles hold, and learn what to eat to stay in good fettle.

If you’re a healthy foodie and you would say you’ve tried almost everything, here is one thing still waiting to be appreciated – black garlic. That’s right, you read correctly, it’s black.

Black garlic is actually not a separate type of garlic, but rather a naturally processed white garlic, so we could consider it a fermented superfood.


What’s the difference between black garlic and the regular one?

Well, the difference lies in the nutritional value, as organic black garlic contains way more antioxidants than fresh one (each bulb contains at least 5.53 mg S-allyl cysteine), and has even higher anti-bacterial properties. Another perk of black garlic is that it loses the strong sharp pungent taste and smell, and offers pure umami smooth sweetness.

Culinary Elite is considered the number one black garlic-producing brand, and has received credit multiple times by famous chefs, classy restaurants, and health magazines. The company’s garlic cloves chosen for fermentation are strictly GMO-free, don’t contain any preservatives, additives, pesticides, herbicides, nor any other compound that could damage your health.

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