Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels by Organic Traditions

Some types of nuts are considered superfoods because of their nutritional capacity that helps to strengthen our health, but not all types of nuts are usually as equally accessible in the food store. For instance, you won’t see a product like these organic bitter apricot kernels in every grocery shop around the corner. Thankfully, Organic Traditions have put their effort in producing these kernels through manual harvest and sun-drying. Bitter apricot kernels have been used for hundreds of years in the ancient Asian medicine. The legendary Hunza people who were famous for their longevity and robust health, valued these nuts very highly. The bitter taste of the kernels is a sign of their genuineness and unique nutritional value, because it originates from the natural compound known as amygdaline, which is the natural form of the partly man-made substance known as laetrile, a.k.a vitamin B17.

During the recent years, vitamin B17 has been under the spotlight due to its highly promising anti-cancer effects, with numerous stories from people claiming they have personally cured themselves from different types of cancer namely because they ingested higher doses of this nutrient. Despite the lack of scientific evidence that vitamin B17 can really help cure cancer, people around the world still believe in its properties. Many doctors don’t recommend laetrile as a sole cancer treatment, but some of them are willing to add it as an augmentation agent to more traditional methods like chemotherapy.

How Many Apricot Seeds should you take daily?

Since the amygdaline concentration in these organic apricot kernels is high (averagely 20mg of vitamin B17 is found in a single kernel), the recommended daily amount isn’t high. You can adjust your amount for yourself. Many people believe that a single seed per 10 pounds of body weight spread out throughout the day is an optimal approach. Others say a common amount is between 6 and 10 apricot kernels a day. Again, determine your dosage somewhere around those numbers and remember never to over consume apricot seeds for the sake of your health safety, because large dosages of amygdaline could turn out somewhat toxic to your body by increasing the cyanide levels.

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