Organic Bird Food by Harrison’s Bird Foods, Millet & Flax

Responsible bird owners are always looking for high quality parrot nutrition to feed their feathered friends to.

Harrison’s Bird Foods are a company that makes it easier for such pet owners to choose an appropriate product, a product like this organic bird food, representing wholegrain bread with millet and flax.

For people who like eating at the dining table alongside their small buddy, this nutritious bird bread is a great choice too, as it can be offered instead of food that we humans normally eat.

Another thing we have to pay attention to, is that the organic bird bread is a fantastic source of minerals, plant-based protein and dietary fiber, all owing to the two of its major ingredients – flax seed and millet. That’s why, the product is particularly good for a proper bird’s health. Also, don’t forget that this is a true treat to your parrot, you can use it to reward your friend for good behavior.

This organic bird food is perfect for helping birds switch to a formulated diet.

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